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PROJECTS - In-Work/Finished
** Sequential Secondary Injection System
Secondary injector control system drives 8 additional injectors to investigate water injection. Dyno results are posted as well. CLICK on photo to right for in depth discusion of the system, photos and the dyno results.
WI Manifold & Controller
** Injector Flow Test
I tested a set of (8)Siemens Deka #3172 injectors ( 55# per hour) that I previously purchased on eBay. I wanted to make sure they flowed equaly so I wouldn't end up with lean induced detonation under heavy boost. Discussion - Injector Flow Test_2-3-08 (4402kb)
** Fun at the Track! 12 second Mustang
I finally made it out to Thompson Raceway in northeast OH to run my 1994 Mustang GT with its newly installed turbocharger. Some other gearheads wanted to see the data logs so they are posted: Dragstrip results from 6-18-08
** Pulse Width Modulated Fuel Pump Controller
This circuit is still in developement. Please don't try to build until proof testing is completed in the next several weeks. More information on operation and how it works will be posted here as time permits. Some discussion can be found on the Yahoo Groups JYturbo list. PWM Controler
** Wide Band 02 Data Log Relay
These two files discuss how to connect a wide band 02 sensor output to the Ford EEC IV. The example used here is specifically in reference to my 1994 Mustang GT with the T4M0 computer. By routing the signal into the Ford EEC is is then logged by the EEC Tuner or TwEECer. I have used both the EEC Tuner and the TwEECer with this set-up, it works fine. I use the DIY-WB. Other Wide Band sensors could send a similar signal through this same circuit. This could actually be used to data log ANY 0-5 volt signal into the Ford EEC.
WB Data Log Relay Circuit-Notes.pdf (42kb)
WB Data Log Relay Circuit.pdf (32kb)
** Trunk Mounted Battery on 1994 Mustang
This project resulted from a turbo install. The turbo needed to go where the battery normally did. The installation conforms with NHRA and IHRA requirements for drag racing. Trunk Mounted Battery.pdf
** BMW 540 Alternator Swap
This article covers replacing the alternator on a 1998 BMW 540 with 133,000 miles. I had never done this project before and used the Bentley manual as my guide... BMW 540 Alternator Swap.pdf
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