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I need help with editing the facts. If you find an error or have something to add E-Mail me at I mostly made this for myself as a way of keeping up with discussions on the TwEECer news group. I'm not exactly a writer or web designer (this site should make that obvious) so if you have any comments, help, technical, or writing ability and would like to contribute please send it on.
Most of the Hardware section is from Ryan updates his site more often than I so check it out.

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I've had people tell me they didn't notice the drop down links for a long while. If you didn't notice, almost everything in the left frame is either a drop down thing or a actual link. I'm not that great with the web page design so if anyone has suggestions on how to make it better E-mail me.

Chris Stephens

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I did not write or verify anything you find on this site. So use at your own risk and if you blow something up don't blame me or this is a USER supported site.

Please take it as a compliment if you find your work or comments in these pages and reply if you would like your name posted with it. Its been almost impossible to give credit where credit is due but most of it is from posts on the Tweecer-EEC tuner mailing list.

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