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Photo 1 - This is the "bread board" stage of circuit development. This photo was about 1/2 way through the overall circuit development. Still working out some details. In addition to this nightmare of wires and chips I probably had a stack of "data sheets" 2 foot tall for the various components. photo 1
Photo 2 - Here's a contrast. These four breadboards represent one channel of injector driver, one channel of feedback, a complete power supply and some control functions. The blank circuit board sitting in the photo represents (8) channels of injector drivers, (3) channels of feedback, complete power supply and all the control functions. Circuit boards SIMPLIFY!

photo 2
Photo 3 - Here is the new prototype circuit board being test fit into the die cast aluminum enclosure. Holes are included on each corner of the circuit board to allow mounting to the enclosure. photo 3
Photo 4 - Here is one of the 14#/hr Ford Crown Vic fuel injectors that is used in the water injection system. It is sitting on top of the circuit enclosure. This injector is high impedance although the circuit will run low inpedance injectors as well. Two reasons for use of this injector; right size, cheap and plentiful. photo 4
Photo 5 - I actually soldered components on both sides of the circuit board. Not ideal but in order to cram over 200 components into this small board (2.8" x 6.75") I had to think in three dimensions. This photo shows the first diodes being soldered into place. This is actually the bottom side of the circuit board. photo 5
Photo 6 - This is the top side, starting to populate with IC sockets. This being a prototype board I went the extra expense of IC sockets to allow the chips to be re-used on the final board. Once development is finished, the IC sockets would net be necessary. The circuit will have better longevity without the sockets. photo 6
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