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Fun At the Track! 12.71 seconds on 1/4 mile

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It's been a long time coming:

13.26 sec. @ 110.62 mph - 2.205 60ft

12.71 sec. @ 112.32 mph - 1.978 60ft

12.83 sec. @ 112.54 mph - 2.065 60ft

12.88 sec. @ 112.04 mph - 2.059 60ft

in that order.

1994 Mustang GT, stock bottom end, Baby Crower cam with Behive springs, AFR-165 heads, Trick Flow intake, Holset HX-35W modified, 10-12 psi, NO intercooler or WI (WI will come), Tuning by TwEECer & Binary Editor.

I did up timing slightly and lean out the fuel on the last couple runs. I realized I had 37 psi in the tires after three runs. Lowering the rear tires to 28 psi on the last run didn't make much difference. I think I could feel the clutch slipping a bit on the 3-4 shifts, 93,000 miles on the stock clutch.

I was tickled to go from a low 14 second car to high 12's with the turbo addition. Funny thing, lots of other 12 second cars running tonight, Vettes, a 6L Hemi, a Chevy SUV with Kenny Bell blower and of course many dedicated bracket cars.

I did get the compliment of the most stock looking Mustang at the track. I like the "sleeper" look.

Now I need to get busy on all the little things left to complete: Oil-Air Separator for PCV system, new brakes all the way around, pass inspection, new Wide Band system, tune the thing...probably more.

Anyway, lots of you guys from the various discussion groups helped - Thanks!

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