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Sequential Water Injection System Ford EEC
Chris Stephens has taken some time to compile a great deal of information on the Ford EEC engine computer. This is still a Ford enthusiast project, Chris would welcome any help to continue compiling information on tuning the Ford EEC. Please feel free to contact Chris with contributions to help Ford tuners everywhere.

We are working to ensure all the links and contacts are still good. If you see a problem, please send a note so we can make corrections.

Sequential Water Injection System (see Projects Page)
This is now a Dual-Use web site. You will see a mix of my own projects relating to my 1994 Mustang and my daily driver BMW cars. In addition I will be hosting pages for Chris Stephen's collection of Ford Fuel Injection information.

Water/alcohol injection, secondary injection controllers and PWM motor controllers are some of the projects discussed on this web site. These are projects I am developing primarily for my use on my 1994 Mustang.

The Sequential Secondary Injector Controller has been developed. This unit was dyno tested during the fall of 2004 on a 1994 Mustang GT. This information exists in detail on the Project page.

A PWM motor controller (pulse width modulated) has completed initial prototype testing. This item can control 12 volt DC motors up to at least 10 amps. It has a Low power, Full power and a variable "Progressive" speed control between Low and Hi speed. This controller can run fuel pumps, water pumps, cooling fans and traditional "constant flow" water injection pumps. The "Progressive" feature will allow MAF based water injection control for this type of system. The first application will be for a user that has a very large fuel pump needed for high power operation with high boost. His problem is that he needs to slow this pump down under normal cruise conditions. Some final testing needs to be completed before releasing the second generation controller. An early discussion of the original PWM controller is posted in the Projects section. The basic concepts in that article are valid but the actual circuit is obsolete and actually has a couple errors in the schematic. When the second generation controller is ready an updated article will be posted.

All of the above projects evolved in anticipation of installing a turbo on this Mustang. In the fall of 2007 the turbo finaly took life. Many bits & pieces remain to be completed to make this a good installation. I did recently take the car to Thompson Raceway Park in Ohio to make a few runs (12.71 seconds @ 112 mph was the best run). I hope to get a good write up of the project posted in the near future. Some existing photos are currently posted on Yahoo Groups JYturbo:

A fair amount of information is already on this web site. Please browse through, contact us with questions, requests or project ideas. Thank you for visiting,

Dan Nicoson
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